My Eating Journey – Part 2

Me & Cooking
I started cooking at the age of 18 with my Aunt Karen as my guide.  She taught me the basics from how to cut veggies to how to put together soups, chowders, and stir-frys.  She is responsible for teaching me the basics, and she gave me the nickname…”Angie Crocker”.  So that is going to be how I sign my blogs from this blog forward.  When cooking, we would always call my grandfather “Our Guinea Pig” and we meant it in the fondest way because he loved to test our creations.  We got together about once a week for probably about two years to cook with each other.  I had a lot of fun, enjoyed the quality time, and learned a great deal.

I am no Super Chef; but, I do love to experiment and try new recipes, so as I previously mentioned, I am going to pick three new recipes to try each week and upload pictures and tell you what I think.  If you have any recipes you would like to share, feel free, and as long as I like the main ingredients, I will be sure to give them a try and tell you what I think 🙂  Remember I am trying to eat better, so I would like recipes that are healthy.

I look forward to trying new recipes & eating better.

Signing off for now,

Angie Crocker 😉

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