Recap of Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 – Eating Right:

Okay, so I have been working on my new eating right goals for the past two days.  Remember my five rules:

1)  Eating smaller meals/snacks
2)  No skipping meals
3)  Eating more fruits & veggies
4)  No eating when I’m not hungry
5)  No eating after 7pm

Anyway, here’s what I have done:  Each day I have looked to see what I have to eat in the house, then I start with a list of meals I am going to eat for the day:

1 packet of low-sugar, high fiber Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Snack 1:  
Carrots – about 10 raw, 1 cover full of dry roasted peanuts 

1 bowl of wheat spaghetti (with a little butter & salt), 1 small apple with a TSP of Peanut Butter

Snack 2:  
1 strawberry shake (see recipe section of blog for instructions)

Spanish-style chicken and dumplings, and I had half of a package of nutty bars and shared the other half with Mike 🙂

Okay so dinner wasn’t the healthiest, but in my defense I am working off  of last week’s grocery list.  I chose this recipe before I started my blog.  This was dinner, and it was pretty good:

I plan on doing my first grocery shopping trip, TODAY, that will affect next week’s meals 🙂  So hopefully they will be much healthier.

Haha, I just realized that I didn’t add “eat healthy” to my list of rules.  So considering that I have been following ALL of them 🙂 🙂  The toughest rule to follow, so far, has been not eating after 7pm.  Just thinking “I can’t” is making me hungry, but I know it’s not good so I am making the healthy choice.


1)  “Eat Healthier”
2)  Eating smaller meals/snacks
3)  No skipping meals
4)  Eating more fruits & veggies
5)  No eating when I’m not hungry
6)  No eating after 7pm

So far, so good on my way to 250M.  Yesterday, I walked 7.45M, and I was exhausted and bored by the end.  Running is nice because you finish quickly; whereas, I was out walking for over 2 hours-ugh.  We are almost in May, and around here we call it “May Grey” because the marine layer (layer of fog near the coast) doesn’t disappear until around noon.  It is worse near the beach where we live as opposed to inland since we are closer to the water.  This will be my first “May Grey” and I am not looking forward to it.  Bring on summer!!

Strength training:
Yesterday I got out the Ab Circle for the first time in Months.  I committed to a 15 minutes ab/butt workout, and I accomplished my goal.  Yay!!

Today’s workout:  
It’s Raining!!  I think I am going to brave the rain (with my umbrella) and go out for a 5 mile walk…It should take me about an hour an 15 minutes and it will make me feel good to stay on track.

Until Tomorrow,

Angie Crocker 😉

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