Recap of Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Morning!!

You know the rules:

1)  “Eat Healthier”
2)  Eating smaller meals/snacks*
3)  No skipping meals
4)  Eating more fruits & veggies
5)  No eating when I’m not hungry
6)  No eating after 7pm
*1/2 cup/bottle of water with each meal.

1 bowl of raisin bran & 1/2 cup water

Snack 1:
Carrots – about 10 raw and 1 yoplait vanilla yogurt & 1/2 cup water

1 tuna sandwich w mayo, salt, and pepper on a whole wheat roll, an apple and pb (peanut butter) & 1/2 cup water

Snack 2:
3 large strawberries & 1/2 cup water


Before dinner I had one package of sugar free vanilla pudding.  For dinner I tried Sunny’s Any Veggie Quick Saute and added brown rice.  The recipe is posted for you, so try it and tell me what you think 🙂  After dinner I had 1 1/2 oatmeal cream pies (I really don’t remember them being so small), and my love had the other half 🙂  We like to share 🙂 🙂

Getting everything I need.

After I cut everything up.  Isn’t it pretty?!*?!

Ready to EAT!!  Yum!!

I give this recipe an “A”.  I think that it is a good way to get in a bunch of different vegetables, and the sauce tasted good.  Also, the brown rice was a nice touch; I would much rather eat wheat pasta or wheat bread, but brown rice is alright.  I really like the boil in a bag brown rice.  It’s a lot more moist and cooks better than brown minute rice.

My Biggest Struggles so far:
So instead of eating snacks after 7pm, I ate them before.  I believe in balance, so I’m not going to deprive myself of good snacks!!

So far, so good on my way to 250M.  Yesterday, I walked 5.13M, and the wind was howling, but it wasn’t too bad.  I ran 1 mile of this distance and unfortunately I was running against the wind, but hey it probably makes me stronger. 

Strength training:
No Strength training yesterday.  Instead I spent the day getting things done around the house, meal planning, grocery shopping, and mother’s day gift shopping.  So I wasn’t home much, but today I am going to make up for it and do 15-20 minutes- abs/butt.  I look at the “Big Picture”…so we all have busy days.  It’s more about sticking to it in the long run.  

Today’s workout:  
I am setting out to accomplish my goal today 4.24 miles to go.  Goal #2 here I come!! 

Until Tomorrow,

Angie Crocker 😉

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