Exercise Journey – Part 2

March, April, & My Motto
My motto is slow & steady.  By the time March rolled around I had decided that I wanted to start running.   I found the nice quiet Bayside Walkway that was almost tourist free and great for exercising without being surrounded by lots of people.  This is also around the time when I had worked myself up to 5 miles a day.  Yes- I feel like an official Cali resident and no longer a tourist; however, I still have my MA license for a few more months 🙂 🙂

Although I played soccer in high school which required a large amount of running, I never had to run “A Mile Non-Stop”.  So that is just what my first running goal became.  It only took me a few days to do it, and I was extremely proud of myself 🙂  Of course, as always, I pushed myself further, and now I am up to 2.5 miles.  Whenever I run, I mentally prepare myself with the phrase “Slow & Steady” and it seems to work for me.  My focus has been on distance and not time, and I really want to run my first 5K in the near future.

Adrenaline Rush
You may be wondering if I am trying to lose weight or have I actually lost any due to all of this activity, and the answer is:  I can’t put a number on it.  I don’t own a scale and I don’t care to.  I look great, feel great, and that is enough for me 🙂  I also have a great love for the sights, smells, and sounds of the outdoors along with the adrenaline and sunshine.  Since I am doing a lot of cardio,  I do want to incorporate more strength training into my routine in the near future.  Stay Tuned 🙂

This Week, April 26-30, 2010…
I have five days to complete 30 miles and two of the five are supposed to include rain.  So I will be starting off strong Monday morning in order to not fall behind due to the rain.  I am shooting for 250 miles and my second goal complete by Friday, so wish me luck!!

Angie Crocker 😉

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