“Scrapbooking It” ~A Collection of Delicious Recipes~

Happy Monday!

I am continuing on my adventure of trying out new recipes, and now I would like to take the “amazing” recipes and create a recipe scrapbook.  I am thinking a 12×12 book made with a three ring binder in case I want to add more to it, so I have enough space 🙂  Possibly two recipes per page depending on the space.  I am in the brain storming phase.

I want my recipe collection to include a wide variety of everyday dishes.  About 30 dishes like pulled pork, chicken pot pie, homemade pizza, fish & chips, chicken parmesan, swedish meatballs, and many more.  I am also considering a dessert section with 10 of my all time favorites.  All made with the best ingredients for you of course 🙂

Recipe Scrapbook Ideas
This site has a bunch of different ideas on designing a recipe scrapbook.  I think a this type of scrapbook would also make a great gift, and it’s a great way to get all of the family recipes together and cherish them for years to come.

More recipes and ideas to be added to my blog.  Stay tuned 🙂

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