My Food Rating System

Happy Wednesday!

So I created a rating system for the recipes that I try.  It is based on 1-5 stars (5 being the best).

I am going to use it from today forward, so on any new recipes I try.    Our top priorities are taste and healthiness, and they carry more weight than portion size and repeat dish.  I may have to adjust this as I go, but it is a good starting point 🙂

We are also trying P90X starting very soon, and I am looking forward to an intense workout 🙂


Rating (Out of 5)

Taste 4       ****
Portion Size 1 *
Healthy 5 *****
Repeat 1 *
Overall 3 ***   

Ratings Flavor Healthy? Do again? Portion
5 stars (5) Perfect (5) Very Healthy (5) Yes (5) Just Right
4 stars (4) Great (4) Healthy                      
3 stars (3) Good (3) Pretty Healthy
2 star (2) Just Alright (2) Somewhat Healthy
1 star (1) Not Good (1) Not Healthy (1) No (1) Too Big/Sm


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