Let me, Motivate “You”

Hello Friends!!

My 2010 New Year’s Resolution:  Walk 500 Miles

So it’s June and I’m more than halfway done.  Here’s an update:

June 22, 2010 – 346 Miles Completed – Only 4 more to go to make “50” for June 🙂

My Goals:

My initial goal was to “walk” 500 miles.  Now it has turned into walking, running, and occasionally rollerblading.  I like to keep it fun & interesting…walking led me to rollerblading, and rollerblading led me to running.  I’m happy it did and so proud of myself for completing my short-term goals.

My first running goal was to run 1 mile non-stop, and I did that back in Feb/March.  Then my second running goal was to run 3.1 miles or the distance of a 5K by the end of June and “non-stop” of course, and I did it.

Lastly, my third running goal is to keep up the 5K distance, work on my time, and run my first 5K.  I am not looking to run a 7 minute mile, but with time I’m sure I will be able to; I’m the type of person who puts her mind to it and succeeds.  The sky’s the limit, and succeeding is a large part positive thinking and of course “Action”.

So join me by making your own personal exercise goals, and please do share them with me because I would love to hear from you.

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