Taking Eating Right & Exercising by the Horns…

& Proceeding at your own speed.  What I mean by “Proceed at your own speed” is accomplish what you can at your own pace.  Some people, like me, move full speed ahead, and I have ever since I was 5 years old.  I have a lot of energy and I definitely take advantage of this.  Always remember to listen to your body; it tells you when you need to rest.  Furthermore, I am always experimenting with something new, I love learning, and moving forward in my life.  Bettering myself.

Eating Right

I am always trying new recipes and new ingredients.  I’m not afraid of leaving my comfort zone if I even have one to begin with.  I’m not afraid of making a dish that I won’t like.  That is why it is important to choose your recipes carefully.  Don’t choose a recipe with 10 ingredients that you have never tasted…that’s just crazy.  It’s better to take it slow, read through the ingredient list, and try something that has one or two new things that appeal to you.  You can take a small risk without jumping full force into something you probably won’t like anyhow.


The first step is to build a routine.  Choose the same time of day, the same or similar activity to start, and repeat for about a month.  You don’t need to exercise everyday but the more you do it at the beginning the more of a habit it will become and you will be less likely to say no and give up.  If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up over it.  Tomorrow’s a new day and you just need to keep your focus ahead.

An exercise routine is less thinking and more doing.  Get dressed in your exercise clothing right away and get the “I can’t do this” out of your head.  Replace it with “This is tough right now, but I will get through it”.  You want to get to the point where you actually look forward to this block of time, and it’s no longer a chore.  Exercising should be something you do because it feels good.  You like to breathe easier or sweat a lot, and eventually you lose weight and tone up with out even noticing it.

How do “you” Take Eating Right & Exercising by the Horns?

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