How should I reward myself for completing *375* Miles?

Happy Friday!

With every goal accomplished, should come a nice reward!  It helps to keep you on track by giving you something to look forward to.  It’s a symbol of your success!

So Don’t forget to reward yourself for all of your hard work.  Keep in mind that your reward can be something large or small.  Whatever fits into your budget and makes you happy.  I chose a workout theme for my rewards, and I chose to reward myself each time I completed *125* miles.

So here’s how I am rewarding myself these days:

Goal 1: *125* Miles ~ Reward:  *My Reebok Easy Tone Sneakers- for Walking*

Goal 2: *250* Miles ~ Reward:  *New workout shirts, shorts, and pants*

Goal 3: *375* Miles ~ Reward: *Coming Soon*

Goal 4:  *500* Miles ~ *To Be Determined*

I am really undecided on what my 3rd Reward is going to be.  I have been walking/running/rollerblading over *50* miles per month, so I project that I will walk/run/rollerblade to my goal of *375* by sometime in July.

Please help me by voting for what you think my 3rd Reward should be!!  I welcome new workout related suggestions as well.  Click here:

Poll: How should I reward myself for completing *375* Miles?

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