Update On Meal Planning

Things I am doing:

  • Stocking up on the meats we eat most often:  Chicken, ground turkey, and 93% lean ground beef.
  • Using:  Shopping List, Weekly Menu Plan, Monthly Menu Plan to help with planning.
  • Freezing:  I’m starting to cook more foods that freeze well so we can just take them out and heat them up quickly.  I’m also looking into better freezer packaging.


I’m starting out with two weeks of meal planning and working my way up to a month worth of meals planned.  I’m taking weekly trips to the farmer’s market or grocery store for fresh fruits and veggies and also trying lots of new recipes.

I’m keeping the weekly/monthly meal planning guides once used to get ideas for the next month and reusing some of the same meals.

Things I want to cook soon:  Alfredo Sauce, Pulled Pork, and Lasagna.

Happy Eating!!

-Angie Crocker

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