Biking the Golden Gate and Goal #3

Yesterday, I biked over the Golden Gate Bridge to Vista Point.

At first, I was a little scared to ride the bicycle on the street since I haven’t rode a bike since I was little, and I think I used to ride on the sidewalk…lol.  Anyway, the fear wore off quickly, and I was loving it 🙂  Watch out Beach Cruiser, I am going to own you!

Going over the bridge was over 12 miles!  I mapped it out with google maps:

To the Bridge and over:  To the Vista Point

The way back:  To Bike and Roll

I am pretty amazed with the distance.  I really kicked butt with this one 🙂

Here are some pictures:

Before going over the bridge.

Beautiful Shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

I made it to Vista Point on the other side, and the sun was out 🙂

So I am giving myself credit for 12 miles and that brings me up to 378!!

*I made my 3rd goal of 375 Miles*

A little less than half the year to go, and I have only *122 Miles left* to reach 500!!  Yay Me!!!

I guess I will be getting my third exercise incentive gift very soon = Reebok Run-tone Sneakers!  Maybe I’ll wait a couple of weeks for a good sale! 🙂  After all, they are at Kohls, and they do have great sales!

Until next time 🙂


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