A little About Me & More…

Happy Thursday!!

I have to say that patience is a virtue.  It is really hard for me to be patient.  I want everything “Now”.  Well it’s a good thing that I’m a planner because most of the time I can have * what I want * when I want it * because I have planned for it.

For instance, I could not wait any longer for my third incentive gift “Reebok SimplyTone Sneakers”.  I just finished my 3rd goal of *375* Miles on Sunday, so that goes to show how little time I have spent Waiting.

I do have will power, but sometimes my desire is much stronger, so I go with my desire.  I know how to sacrifice and cut back, but I also know how to treat myself well and reward myself for my accomplishments.  So I bought the sneakers today at Kohls, and I’m wearing them right now to break them in a little.

So far I think that they feel good walking on the pavement.  They are very resilient.  They are not too big or bulky.  They are a little tight, but the next size up was slipping off my heels, so I like them and just need to break them in.

Here’s a closer look:

Top View

Side View

Haha yes I am wearing Nike socks!  My old running shoes were Nike and I like Nike just as much as Reebok 😉

Until Next Time,


Do you own a pair of toning sneakers and what do you think about them?

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