Working Out Together

When it’s just you working out, it isn’t so bad getting into your own routine; however, if there’s another person involved, and they are not in the workout mindset it can make things pretty difficult.

So here’s my advice: start small, do something, and try to build a routine that will work for everyone.  If your goal is to work out 4 days a week, start with 2 days.  If you want to run 2 miles, start walking 2 miles.  The idea is not too bite off more than you can chew; otherwise, you will be disappointed.

That being said, Mike and I are working towards a new workout schedule together 🙂  Since I have been going strong and working out for a while now, I am in the *I can* mindset whereas Mike fell off the wagon and is currently moving from the *I can’t* into *this isn’t so bad*.

We are starting off “v-e-r-y” s-l-o-w. We have decided that this week we are going to wake up at 5am everyday, and we’re not going to workout.  Yes I said “Not”.  The point is we are creating our routine to wake up early.

We want to eventually wake up at 5am, and go for a 2 mile run – 4x’s a week.  The days we want to do this are Saturday, Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday.  I think that if we include the weekend mornings, and if we start right off on Monday morning this will help to keep us on track.   The get up everyday at 5am was Mike’s idea…lol.

We started our exercising this weekend, and we went for a 2 mile walk on Saturday and Sunday morning.  This week we are getting up at 5am everyday, and next week we may walk or run a mile in the morning.  We will see how it goes this week and decide what we want to do for next week;)

Until next time.


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