The Sights and Scents while Exercising in Pacific Beach, SD

Happy Tuesday!!

Since I didn’t run today, I decided to take my camera along and take some pictures on my way to do the stairs and hill.  This post is going to be filled with photos!  Enjoy 🙂

Part 1 is scents.  I have an amazing sense of smell, and I think it is the strongest of all my senses.

Scent #1:  Food specifically breakfast!!

Konos –  On Garnet in Pacific Beach (PB):

This is my favorite breakfast spot!!

Sweet & Savory Cafe – On Mission Blvd in PB:

Purple Cafe – On Grand in PB:

Haven’t been here yet, but I walk by everyday and the coffee and bagels smell so good.  It’s on my need to try list.

Scent #2:  Flowers!

I don’t know my flowers by name so I am not going to provide descriptions.  I hope to have a nice variety when we buy a house, but for now here are some photos to enjoy:

Scent #3:  People 😉

I notice is the smell of people walking by, and no I don’t mean their body odor…lol…I mean the way hair smells after the shower or the scent of perfume or cologne.

Now on to Sights. There’s a lot to take in while exercising early in the morning.

Sight #1:  The Bay and water activities


Water Skiing:


Sight #2:  People with Pets & People riding bikes, running, or exercising.

Sight #3:  The View

I admit the view is better when it’s nice and sunny, but that also brings the heat, and I like to walk when it’s cooler out.

Hope you enjoyed learning about the sights and scents I encounter when exercising outside.  I love exercising outside, and can do without going to a gym.


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