My Sweet Tooth and Love for Coffee :)

Good Morning, and Happy Thursday!!

Today is a Special Day for me because I am going to reach *400* Miles today!  I’m up to *397* and I am planning on walking over 3 miles today.  I didn’t workout yesterday, so I skipped my 5K training run, and today I am back to my abs and butt workout.  I am so proud of myself for getting to this point.  I have come a long way with exercising.

Workout Together Update:

This week is wake up at *5am* everyday week.  So far we are 2 out of 4 days.  Not the best but not terrible either.  We are getting there, but we may need to keep up with this next week too and take a couple more walks this weekend to keep us going.  We will do it together 😉

Now on to my Sweet Tooth and Love for Coffee:

I Love Chocolate!

I Love Coffee!

I made some yummy chocolate chip cookies last night.  Here’s the recipe:  Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Recipe is from the Martha Stewart food section of her website.  I love love love her 😉  I try to watch her show daily at 12pm whenever I get the chance.

These cookies were soft, chocolaty, and delicious, and amazing when paired with a glass of milk!  See for yourself:

More for later!

I Love Love Love Coffee too!  In Cali the coffee is so strong everywhere you go.  I miss Dunkin 😦  I see that they sell it at Ralph’s (in the bag), and I’m really thinking of purchasing it in the future.  We need to get a coffee pot first though.  At home, we currently drink instant coffee, and I find it just as good as freshly brewed coffee since my parents always had Folgers around growing up.

I love to add some Vanilla Caramel Coffee – mate to my coffee since the coffee is so strong here milk just doesn’t quite do the trick, and I am not a fan of drinking muddy water.

How do you like your coffee?

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2 Responses to My Sweet Tooth and Love for Coffee :)

  1. Niki says:

    The cookies look super soft and good. I’ve never seen chocolate chip cookies look so soft! It sounds perfect to pair it with coffee

  2. Yes, they were very good! 🙂

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