Sunday Cooking Day and My Kitchen

Happy Sunday!!

If you haven’t already realized I’m an optimist and every day is a “Happy Day” to me 🙂

Let’s start the day with a photo of my kitchen:

This is where I do ALL of my cooking, and yes it is small and the appliances are old, but it does the trick.  We live 2 blocks from the beach so we weren’t too picky when it came down to how the stove looked:

I mean look at this old thing.  I seriously can’t see what temperature I am turning the oven to, so I took a black permanent marker and marked  350 degrees.  Other than that I use 400 degrees and that’s easy to find.  We are getting ready to move soon and the next stove better be better 🙂

I started my day with an 8am run with my friend Edny.  Since the last time we ran, we went through Balboa Park, this time we decided to go to “Sail Bay” down by my place.  All I have to say is I haven’t ran since Tuesday, and this workout totally kicked my butt.

We set out to do 3.1 Miles and completed over 2.5 miles and I pretty much struggled after the 1st mile.  I was tired, and I had the ugh…really I have to run that much longer…attitude stuck in my head today.  I guess you could say I was in a Funk. I need to get out of the Funk and try to push myself to 3.5 miles this week.

For breakfast, I made a fruit & veggie smoothie.

Fruit:  2 oranges, 1 peach, and a cup of green grapes.

Veggie:  1 cup of Spinach

I added some protein for mine, but left it out of Mikes.

I threw that all in the HealthMaster and added 3/4 cup water and 1 cup of ice.  It turned out to be a nice neon green color:

For lunch, I made some turkey kielbasa and corn-on-the-cob.  We had dinner with Jeff last Friday which included corn-on-the-cob as well and he added 1 tsp of sugar to the water to give the corn a nice sweet taste, so I added some today too.

Then I went on to cook up all of the broccoli I bought recently so I could freeze it and take it out to eat as needed:

Now that I’m tired from running, cooking, cleaning, and eating, I think I am ready for a nap!

Write for you soon,


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