I’m Not Structured

Hahaha…I’m Not Structured.  I’m as spontaneous as a person can be.  Sometimes I wish my life was more structured.

It’s kinda tough being a regular food and exercise blogger when your job sends you to Vegas, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, or Fort Lauderdale (just to name a few) for weeks at a time.  I’m not complaining. I love my job and enjoy working with my co-workers. The only downfall is I can’t sign up to lead a volunteer team project the first Tuesday of every month or play volleyball every weekend.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve worked 9-5 jobs for a while now, and it really would be nice to have a full-time job that met me halfway. I currently do contract work, but it’s been slow this year so I’ve had too much time off. Working is similar to eating, you need to find the right balance to have a satisfying life.  This past weekend I worked in Vegas and I tried my best to eat at least one piece of fruit a day and I brought oatmeal for breakfast.  From traveling so often, I’ve learned to bring plastic silverware and a small bowl when I travel. I also try to stock up on a 6-12 pack or a gallon of water when I get to my hotel. Food is always a challenge, but with good planning you can eat well while away from home.

My running is not structured.  I don’t run at the same time everyday, and I don’t run the same distance all of the time.  If I don’t have to, I don’t set an alarm.  So when I feel rested (usually no later than 8:30 am), I get up and get ready for my run.  I try to do it right away so I can shower, get my to do’s done for the day, and relax.  If I’m away on business, I usually don’t work out because I get a good workout from all of the walking I do around the trade show floor…working with Champion Exhibit clients or managing the trade show floor.  I am not counting any of my work walking towards my walk 500 miles goal.  If I did, I would probably be almost hitting 1,000 miles by now.  I also get comments like “Shouldn’t you have roller skates?” when I am doing my job because people constantly see me running around getting things done.  I have an extremely high metabolism, and a lot of energy…can’t nobody hold me down…oh no…I got to keep on moving 😉

The same goes for eating.  I could say we are having Chicken Parmesan for dinner, and then by dinner time, we decide to eat out or eat something else.  I have a lot of variety in my life and I like it that way.  Move out of my way structure.

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