Exercise Monday

Good (Almost) Afternoon 🙂

Exercise update:

I’m down to 56 miles left to go before I hit *500*.  Today I ran 4 miles, and it wasn’t so bad.  What I needed was change.  The same exercise routines get really boring after a while.

So I mapped out a new route, and added a bunch of new upbeat music to my iphone and set out.  About 1 mile into my run, I noticed that my phone decided only to record time, and wasn’t registering my distance.  This happens way too often to me.  I need to do a better job of checking to make sure it is working properly once I get going.  When I noticed this was happening, I decided I do on average a 8-9 minute mile, so I rounded up and ran 4+ miles in 36 minutes.

I knew my old route so well that I would look for landmarks along the way (i.e. the volleyball net) and concentrate on getting to each.  This felt like it was taking extra energy.  Instead today I knew where I wanted to run, but concentrated on the big picture and focused on the new *music* along the way.  This makes for a better run. For me anyway.

Now that I am up to 4 miles, 5 doesn’t seem so bad, and then 6.2 miles is next.  Watch out 10K here I come!  I have to check out 5K races in my area because I want to complete my first 5K soon 🙂

Until I write again,


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