Vacation, Vacation, Vacation…

Happy Wednesday!!

We visited our family and friends in Massachusetts this past week, and we got back last night.  I feel like I got up a little earlier today, but overall I never really got off of Pacific Coast Time.  We were up until 1am almost every night, and last night we were in bed by 10pm, so naturally I was up by 6:30am today.

We took some engagement photos while we were there.  Here are a few:

Engagement Photo

Engagement Photo

Engagement Photo

I cleared out the fridge before we left, so now it is completely empty except for the condiments.  The thing is we are going away to Arizona this weekend, and we will only be around until tomorrow night.  It doesn’t make sense to fill the fridge with food and then go away, so I only have to grab a few things for the next couple of days 😉  Woo hoo…my kind of grocery planning & shopping!

It is scorching in Phoenix right now, so I probably won’t be running while I’m there.  My  plan is  to get a few miles in before we leave, and then maybe swim some laps while I’m there.  I am up to 444/500, so I still have *56* miles to go.

Off to start my day, and hopefully run at least two miles today!  Have a great day!


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