Still Going…Fall Cleaning

I’m like the Energizer Bunny…I keep Going, and Going, and Going…

Ha, ha, but no really I do.  I have been blessed with a high metabolism and a wicked lot of energy!

Tuesday I spent thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and packing more stuff.  Today was the first moving day.  I started around 10 am by packing up the car with 10-15 boxes, driving 6 miles to our new place, and unloading all the boxes.  Then I did it again.  Two trips and the house is almost empty.

After that I scheduled the U-Haul for Saturday, and posted a TV and an AC unit on Craig’s list.  Then I proceeded to go through all of my shoes and clothes and threw out some stuff and saved the rest for Good Will.

Tonight I plan on doing the same thing with Mike and his shoes and clothes.  Fall cleaning is the best.  I love feeling like I have room for new clothing and giving away perfectly good clothing to those in need.  I am very practical when it comes to material items – If I don’t use it, then I don’t need it hanging around.

On tomorrow’s agenda is tacking the bathroom from top-to-bottom.  The problem with this bathroom is that no matter how much bleach I use or scrubbing I do it never looks better than just okay. On a positive note, I used my steamer a little while back on the tub tiles and they still look really good.

I have to get the house in perfect condition for our initial inspection.  The initial inspection is basically the pre-inspection of our apartment to give us an idea of what we can fix before moving so we get our full security deposit back.  The bathroom is the last room I have to tackle, and then I’m basically done.  I did most of the cleaning this past Tuesday, so we are pretty much good to go.

I can’t wait to be settled in our new place to get cooking again.  We have been doing a lot of eating out lately due to vacationing, and now well because most of our stuff is in boxes.

Until I write Again,


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