5 Weeks until my 5K

Run 500 Miles Update:  458/500 Done!  Only 42 Miles to go 🙂  Ran 3.1 miles this morning @ a time of 25’45”.

So I’ve been thinking…How will I train?  How will I continue to work towards my 500 mile goal in the next 5 weeks?

What I’ve come up with is that I want to run 3.1 miles 2xs a week and work my way up 1x a week to somewhere between 4-6.2 miles (10K).  The further I can run the easier the 5K will be.  So today I did 3.1 miles in 25’45″…This is my second best time ever and this is the second time I ran at this exact time.  Weird. Between now and Sunday, I want to run another 3.1 miles one day and then 4 miles another day.  My 500 mile weekly goal for the rest of the year is at least 5 miles.  That will put me over goal and it is not very much at all.

5K Training Progress Chart

Next week I am headed to Philly to work, and hopefully I can squeeze in some running time at the gym in my hotel.  Not sure how I feel about running on the treadmill, but, I really want to keep on schedule so that is my plan.

I’ve also been looking for a full-time job, so I have an interview this afternoon that I need to prepare for 🙂  Wish me Luck!!

Until I run again,


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