New to Running? Tracking & Training…

Get Moving!!!!

So I signed up for the 5K that I am running through  Once you create a login to the site, you can use the cool training tools through…ActiveTrainer.  If you are a runner like me, you can track your daily runs by entering your distance, time, and the program will then calculate pace.  You can also sign up for training programs to work towards goals like running a 5K, 10K, Marathon, etc.  They are all very inexpensive, and a great way to get off the couch.  Winters sneaking up on us…I should say Fall for San Diegans.

I entered my run from yesterday including the distance and time it took, and the program calculated the pace for me.  Check this out: ActiveTrainer Calendar Day.  So if you don’t have a Nike+ like I do, and you want to go running with a stop watch, you don’t have to think too much especially if your not a Math person.  You just plug in your numbers and let the program do it’s thing.  Just be sure to know the distance you are running…I’ve used my car to calculate distance before too.  It is another way to do it.

Are you looking to make Fall or Winter Exercise goals?  Let me help you get started:

1)  Stop making excuses.  Get over your mental block.  Put on your workout clothes and getting going.  Don’t stop to think, and don’t talk yourself out of it.  You’ll be happy that you didn’t 🙂

2)  Use that gym membership or exercise outside.  Creating some type of routine that works for you is very important, but remember Routine.

3)  Create a program that works for you.

4)  Don’t forget to keep it fun & interesting.  Need music/new moves/new scenery.  Change it up all of the time!

5)  Weight loss and toning come when you least expect it if you make exercise part of your routine.  Exercise shouldn’t be a chore.  It should be part of your lifestyle.

6)  I like to reward myself for long-term exercise goals, but this may not work for everyone.

I plan on running again today, taking tomorrow off, and then running again on Sunday to complete my first week of training.  I will be working in Philly this coming week, and I am going to do everything I can to continue my training while I’m on the road 🙂

What exercise means to me:

Exercise is a program with a fun & interesting mental & physical routine that becomes a lifestyle.

What does exercise mean to you?

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