Run 1.3 & Exercising on an Empty Stomach??

Walk 500 Miles Update:  465/500 Complete.  Only 35 to GO!!

Today was training day 3 of week 1.  My plan was 3.1 miles, and I accomplished this goal.  See my Run 1.3 log.

I want to talk a little bit about not eating before exercising because that is what I did today and have done in the past.  Instead of eating, I had a cup of coffee, a swig of water, and I was out the door.  My run today started at around 10am when the sun was already high in the sky; so it was hot, hot, hot.

I didn’t pass out if that’s what you are thinking, but I did have a burst of energy at the beginning (probably due to the caffeine).  Then  I was feeling really exhausted a mile into my three mile run.  That is not good.  I couldn’t stop thinking how hungry and tired I was the whole time.  I’m sure everybody has different thoughts about this topic, but not eating is not for me.

I found this article and thought it was very interesting.  It talks about how running on an empty stomach burns more muscle fat.  I guess that’s good if you are trying really hard to lose weight, but what happens when you use up all of your energy running, and then want to eat a Thanksgiving dinner when you are done?  Overeating is definitely a draw back to this weight loss theory.  Not to mention exhaustion?  What if you pass out from hunger and dehydration?

There are so many reasons why this is not a good thing to do, and I am going to make sure to fuel up before the next time I decide to go for a run.  Some other things that help me are waiting an hour after eating to run and not drinking water while I am running; otherwise, if I choose to do either, then I start to get cramps.  So not fun.

When I came home from my run I showered, munched on some peanuts, and made some pancakes with strawberries:

Don’t these look yummy?

Then I was off to painting for a few hours.  Our room started out looking like powder blue with clouds:

and now it is Ocean Ridge.  It’s a shade of blue with violet undertones.  I will post a picture soon, but now I’m too tired.

I also took a picture of Pocket.  She is our roommates dog, and she is the cutest:

That’s all from me for today.  Time to relax.  No running tomorrow.  I’m tired and need some time off.

I’ll leave you with one question:  Do you run on an empty stomach and like to?

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2 Responses to Run 1.3 & Exercising on an Empty Stomach??

  1. DNR says:

    Skip the caffeine. It dehydrates you and probably increases that tired, empty feeling since coffee is a diuretic. Used to exercise all the time on an empty stomach and only had any issues when I had OJ before (pure sugar). OJ is good for replenishing your thirst after the fact but not good beforehand.

  2. Good advice. I knew it was bad I just did it anyway 😉 OJ is too acidic for me in general so I try to stay away once in a great while I will have a nice glass.

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