Rocky’s Steps and so on…

Walk 500 Update:  Still 35 to GO!  Today’s a rest day!  Well sort of…I had a 2nd interview for a job, and I have to pack for my work trip to Philly.  I leave early tomorrow morning.  East Coast here I come!

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon painting our bedroom.  I wanted to share some photos so you can check out the color I used. The color is Ocean Ridge from Behr at Home Depot.  The color looks more blue in this photo than in person.

The color is more accurate in the photo below.  It is a warm blue with violet undertones.  It’s really nice on the wall.

Today, my aunt was asking me when I thought I would have *500* Miles completed.  So, I started adding up all of the miles I estimate I will run in the next five weeks before my 5K.  Based on (2) 3.1 mile runs, and another 4-6 mile run each week, I should be done with my New Year’s Resolution (Walking (now running) 500 Miles) before I run in the 5K (Oct 23rd).  I am running at a rate of 10+ miles per week, and that means I will have it complete in 4 weeks or less.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Philly, and sometimes changing up the old routine is good 🙂  This week I will attempt Rocky’s Stairs.  Haha when Claudine told me to bring my running shoes for these stairs, I was thinking the stairs were covered with rocks.  Silly me I didn’t realize they were the stairs from the Rocky movie!  Specifically Rocky’s Training Steps. According to this article there are 68 steps!  Well I’m ready for them.  Bring them on!!!

See ya in a week.  It’s time for me to get ready to go to work and relax of course! 🙂

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