Saturday Pep Talk…Get up, Get dressed, and Get Out.

It’s almost 9am on Saturday, and I went for a nice 2 mile run already this morning.  I haven’t run for at least 2 weeks-probably more (but who’s counting?).  I did 2 miles in 17 mins & 29 seconds for a pace of 8’42” per mile.

I realized I needed to ease back into running.  The key to getting it done was putting on my workout clothes right when I got up, and then proceeding to get ready to get out there.  That’s my trick to routine:  get up, get dressed, & get out.  It works a lot better than talking yourself out of it.

My current goal is to run Saturday and Sunday mornings, and take a walk when I have time during the week after work.  That is if I don’t have any errands to run or important things to do.  I have an hour for lunch during the week, and I work near a lot of stores and the post office, so my lunch hour can be quite productive.  Leaving after work time for “me” is nice 🙂

I’ve been taking a break from my running routine lately to get used to my new work schedule, and to finish up getting our bedroom ready to live in.  I quickly adjusted to working 7-4pm, and the room is almost done.  We are now living in it, and I’m finishing up with the organizing and decorating.

I have this weekend and next, and then our 5K is the following week!  It’s coming very quickly, and I need to be up to speed, but mostly I care about stamina 🙂

Have a nice weekend, and maybe I’ll check in again tomorrow!


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