1 Week Until Race Day

Happy Saturday!!

20 Miles Left!!!  Before I reach *500*!!!

I can say that I appreciate Friday, Saturday, and Sunday A Lot more now that I work a full-time schedule.  My work week was crazy busy, I did a lot of running around and coordinating, and as crazy as it is:  I like my new job.  My official title is “Customer Service Manager”, and I have one girl that works for me, so far.  I am an Angie of all trades, and I enjoy that my job has variety and is very fast-paced 😉

Enough about my job…

The 5K is exactly 1 Week Away!!  It starts at 7pm next Saturday.  Since I’m not running as often as I was, I feel I am running slower lately.  My plan is to put in a few extra runs during this week coming up, so along with having enough stamina, I can build my speed back up 🙂  My run today was 10′ a mile.  That’s like 2′ per mile I could shave off this time.

I’m excited to be able to run in a costume!  I highly doubt that I will win any prizes dressed up like a Red Sox player in San Diego…maybe if I pretend to be Ted Williams…that would be creepy.  Haha maybe I’ll do it… somehow.  I realized that the glow in the dark hair spray says good for “black lights”, so I am wondering if it will even work outside at night without a black light.  We will soon see.

Not much new on the cooking frontier…Jeff’s been cooking a lot.  I think I made meatloaf this week, and that was it.  It is really nice having someone else in the house that willingly cooks and does dishes.

I’m off to enjoy my weekend, and maybe I’ll check in tomorrow.

Bye for now,


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