Happy Sunday!

17 Miles to GO!!!!!

I want to finish all 17 by the end of October 🙂

Here’s my projected schedule:

Mon (Oct 18)- 2 miles

Tues (Oct 19)- 2 miles

Wed (Oct 20)- 2 miles

Thurs (Oct 21)- 2 miles

Fri (Oct 22)- 2 miles

Sat (Oct 23 “Race Day”)- 3 miles

Projected Total miles = *13 Miles*

Miles Left = *4 Miles*

Sun (Oct 24)- 3 Miles

Mon (Oct 25)-1 Mile


That’s my projected plan.  Let’s see if I can stick to it 🙂

Today Edny and I ran the race route or some of it anyway.  We are planning on getting together another night this week to run; possibly Thursday or Friday night.  We want to run at 7pm to get a feel for how running on the Race Night will be 🙂

We ran 3.1 miles in 30 minutes today, so a pace of 10″ per mile.

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