New Blog, Food Focus…Coming Soon!

TGIF is all I have to say!

What a busy week, but the good news is that it flew by 🙂  Tomorrow is Race Day, and Walking *500* Miles is coming to an end.  It’s a happy-sad time for me.  It was pretty awesome to have had the time to walk, run, roller blade, and bike as much as I have in the past year.  On the flip side, being home so much gets old quick.  I appreciate my job a lot more, and I’m happy to be out of the house making money!

I feel like I’m in a better position at work than I was a week ago, so that’s good.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot, but I still have a lot to learn.  The fact that the job is extremely fast paced and highly demanding gives me little time to stop and think never mind time to organize.  I’m not complaining…I love busy.  I’m just saying that it’s taking longer than normal to get organized.  It will take time, but I will get there 🙂

The 5K is tomorrow night at 7pm in Balboa Park!  I got my get up ready.  I just need to put some good tunes on my phone or ipod (I haven’t decided which to use yet).

Mike is coming with, and bringing Pocket.  She will enjoy the walk around the park at night.  She’s easily frightened, so hopefully the Halloween costumes don’t scare her.

*17* more miles left to go with running.  It’s been raining non-stop all week, so I wasn’t able to put in as many miles as I would have liked.  I’m getting close to the finish, and I’m thinking if I can shoot for October 31, 2010 that would be a good date to finish.  That gives me a week for 14 miles after race day.  It’s a lot when your working full-time, but I can shoot for 2 miles a night and 2 miles on the last Saturday & Sunday of the month.  I can do it 🙂

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t always stick to my goals…Life happens!  But my main goal hasn’t changed, and I have worked steadily toward it all year.

The title of this blog is New Blog, Food Focus, Coming Soon?!?#?

I’m ready to move on from the running focused blog once my goals are complete.  I am looking forward to creating a blog that is focused more on my life, cooking, and new recipes.  I hope to be able to write on a more regular basis as well.  I hope that if you’ve been reading this blog you’ve learned a lot from me in the past 7 months, and that I have been an inspiration to get you working out, writing a blog, or becoming more focused on some goal or area of your life.  I like to think of myself as a Motivator…

I will leave you with that thought.


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