The Day After: 5K Race Day

Only *12* Miles to Go!

I was up to running 3.1 miles by the end of June, and I have been looking to do a 5K ever since.  I didn’t want to run in the heat of summer, so fall right before Halloween seemed like the perfect time.  I have to say it was, and running at night was pretty fun and exciting too.

We met at Edny & Tazo’s place before the race, put on all of our glow-in-the-dark accessories, and then walked about a mile to the registration area.  We got there just in time to get our numbers, free t-shirts, and timing chips.  My number was 1351, and there were 2250 people that participated in the race.  We said goodbye to Mike and Pocket as the race began, and promised to meet them at the flag poles after the race.

We walked over to the start line, over the blue mats, and then started the race by weaving in and out of people to get to a good spot.  This continued pretty much the entire race, but at the turn-around-point it finally felt like it wasn’t as much of a constant challenge.

I lost my hair elastic just into the first mile, and I didn’t have a backup.  I got to the point where I was so warm that I was tearing off layers of clothing.  Next time like running outside on the regular, I would have worn less.  Anything that gets in the way of running can become quite annoying.  So wear less, bring a backup hair elastic (if your a girl), make sure your shoes are tied tight, and if you are using a MP3 player make sure it is not going to get in the way.  I am used to something getting in my way from past runs, so I just went with the flow, and took note for next time.

The race was fun, exciting, and tiring.  I definitely liked being part of a structured event rather than just running for fun.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I would definitely consider running a 10K in the near future 🙂

Here are my stats:

I finished the race in 30’32” and my pace was 9’51” per mile.  I have been a lot slower lately, and I am very happy to have finished in under 10′ per mile 🙂  The last time I ran was last Sunday before the Pats game with Edny.

I was in the Top 33% overall, #73 out in my age group (24-29), and the 292nd girl to pass the finish line.  I could definitely improve my time if I run another 5K, and that could be something I could do in the future.  I would definitely run another 5K.  I was not only supporting a good cause, but also getting a good work out, running with good friends, and I also had a chance to be competitive.

Almost done with my New Year’s Resolution, and ready to start a Cooking focused Blog 🙂


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