Some Walking…

8.5 MILES TO GO!!!!

I’ve done A LOT of running to get to *500* Miles, so today seemed like a good day for a walk..

It’s been raining a lot lately, so when I got home and it was sunny I just couldn’t pass up exercise.  I started off with the uphill climb on my street, and I walked for 2 miles before I started to run on and off.  I listened to the playlist I made for race day, and the time just whipped on by..

I like walking because:

-I can clear my mind, de-stress, and figure things out.  Not that I’m stressed because I’m totally not.

-It’s relaxing.

-I don’t have to push myself..I just go with the flow.

So last night I made buffalo chicken fingers for dinner, and I cooked up way too much chicken (on purpose).  Tonight I am making some Sweet & Sour Chicken…

Off I go..


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