How much Time have I Spend?

I took a nice long walk again today…3.5 Miles to be exact 😀

I am down to 5 Miles left.

Only 5 Miles.

I would never have thought that I would run, walk, skip, rollerblade, or bike up to 500 Miles during a year above and beyond the regular walking around that I normally do.  I actually put aside a lot of time to complete all of this activity.  I don’t know the exact amount of time, but here’s an idea of how long on average I spent exercising:

Average distance over time: 500 Miles ~ 43 Weeks ~ 11.6 Miles Per Week ~ 1.66 Miles Per Day

Average hours spent over estimated pace:

1) 8 min miles – 67 hours

2) 10 min miles – 83 hours

3) 15 min miles – 125 hours

Overall, I walked between 67-125 hours.  That’s like 3-5 days of walking.  Wow, that’s pretty crazy! That’s a lot of time.  No wonder why it has become a routine.  Running my 1st 5K was an awesome accomplishment as well.  I spent my year of working part-time wisely and all the activity has kept me in great shape, and just in time to fit into my Wedding Dress!


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