Rainy Saturday…


So it’s raining, there are 2 days left in October, and I have 3 miles to go!  Today seems like a good day to relax, run a couple of errands, do some work-work, and do some cleaning around the house.  I don’t think I will be walking or running today.  I can just see myself slipping and falling and hurting myself in this type or weather.

I’m okay with taking a day off.  I’ve been very good this week keeping to my goal of finishing *500* Miles by the end of October.  I went for 2 long walks, and I went for a run yesterday, so I’m right where I want to be, and I can even rest for a day and still finish by Oct 31st 😀

I now know what my new blog is going to be called, but I’m not telling.  It was a name I played with before, but it didn’t work at the time.  The timing is better now 😀

I’m off to work on the new blog, get stuff done, and spend some time relaxing on this lazy rainy saturday…


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