Walk 500 Miles

2010 New Year’s Resolution:  Walk 500 Miles

My Theme Song: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) ~ The Proclaimers

Update:  495/500 Complete! – ONLY 5 MILES TO GO!!!

October’s Goal:  Run my first 5K!  Get close to finishing *500* Miles!! 🙂

September’s Goal:  I don’t have one. It’s been a busy month with moving.  I’m going to do whatever I can 🙂

August’s Goal:  Reach *450* Miles – DONE

My Goals:

My initial goal was to “walk” 500 miles.  Now it has turned into walking, running, and occasionally rollerblading and bicycling.  I like to keep it fun & interesting…walking led me to rollerblading, rollerblading led me to running, and working in San Francisco led me to bicycling.  I’m happy it did and so proud of myself for completing my short-term goals.

Running Goals:

1st Goal ~ Run 1 mile non-stop, and I did that back in Feb/March.

2nd Goal ~ Run 3.1 miles or the distance of a 5K by the end of June and “non-stop” of course, and it did it.

3rd Goal ~ Run a 5K Race 🙂  -Scheduled for Saturday, October 23, 2010.

4th Goal ~ Train for a 10K -In Process.

5th Goal ~ Run a 10K Race 🙂 -Sometime in the future.


Run a 5K!!

I signed up for my first 5K!!  It’s Crime Stoppers 24th Annual in Balboa Park at Night!!  I am running with my friend Edny, and we are most likely dressing up for Halloween because it is on October 23, 2010, and everyone is doing it…LOL.  I can’t wait!!

Around March of this year, I started running.  As time went on, I decided I wanted to train for a 5K.  This became my third goal, and by the end of June, I was up to running a 5K distance or 3.1 miles.  Now I am keeping up with this distance and recording my time. I am looking to run an 8 minute mile,  and in time, I would like to run this distance in 24 minutes or less.  Currently my best time is 25’29”, so I’m not far off 🙂

5K Training update:  26″39′ Average time over 6 runs.

9/16/10 – 3.1M @ 25’45”

8/21/10 – 3.1M @ 27’15”

7/19/10 – 3.1M @ 25’45”

6/27/10 – 3.1M @ 26’09”

6/24/10 – I Beat my Time…My new BEST Time is 25’29” 🙂

6/22/10 –  I reached my goal of 3.1 miles non-stop and my time was 26’52”.  Yay, Go Me!!

Goals I’m still working on:

Train for a 10K!!

My newest and fourth goal is training to run a 10K or 6.2 miles non-stop.  I care more about developing stamina to make this happen and less about how long it takes me.  My first step toward my new goal is to find a 6.2 mile route that I can train on.  I am thinking of training in the same area that I have been, and just adding distance to it.  That’s my plan for this week.  Map it out, and come up with a training plan of action.

8/23/10 – I’m up to 4 miles non-stop.

So join me by making your own personal exercise goals, and please do share them with me because I would like to hear about your goals.

My Incentives:

With every goal accomplished, should come a nice reward!  So here’s how I am rewarding myself these days:

Goal 1:  *125* Miles ~ Reward:  *My Reebok Easy Tone Sneakers*

Goal 2:  *250* Miles ~ Reward:  *New workout shirts, shorts, and pants*

Goal 3: *375* Miles ~ Reward:  *A Pair of Reebok Runtone Sneakers*

Goal 4: *500* Miles ~ Reward:  *Workout Clothing* I know it’s boring, but I’ll put $Money$ towards a DSLR* aside soon, and we no longer live by the beach so I am not as excited about a Beach Cruiser as I was.  I could drive down and use it, but it’s better when you live closer and can use it all of the time.

Yay!!  Go Me!!


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